5 Reasons to Switch to Linux

Most people have grown up using Microsoft products with an occasional foray into the world of Apple, and for a few it has been the other way around. So, now that all of that information, the knowledge about running, using, and programming these computers is stored in their brains, why would anyone want to learn yet another Operating System? What is so special about Linux?

*Linux doesn’t crash. Really. It has been proven to be, over the years, the most stable computer operating system. Some companies have run Linux on their computers for months or even years at a time without ever having the need to reboot the system. The New York Stock Exchange is run on Linux. That would not be the case if it was as unstable as Windows.

*Viruses Schmiruses. Because of the way Linux is designed, Viruses are almost impossible to spread. While a user may wreck their own computer by installing a virus, it would be impossible to spread from person to person or computer to computer. Besides that, anti-virus software is available for free from most Linux providers. Linux believes that susceptibility to viruses should be nipped right away, before awareness of a problem grows and fall into the wrong hands.

*Standards. Because Linux and other compatible software use open standards, upgrading one doesn’t mean that you will be making the other useless. As often happens with Windows programs, once you upgrade your version of one program, you have to upgrade other programs that use it.

*Freedom of Choice. Linux users can use any brand of hardware they prefer. Linux runs on an Acer just as well as it runs on an HP computer. The same is true for software. Take word processing for example. You can choose any program you want, based on your specific needs, all three that are free and available have interoperability with Microsoft Word.

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