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Linux Gaming: And Yet It Moves

Linux Gaming: And Yet It Moves

Based on the laws of physics, And Yet It Moves is a puzzling game that will keep players enthralled for hours. The main character in the game moves through worlds made of paper collage. He jumps from surface to surface and the player rotates the room that he is in. One turn of the computer animated world and the walls are suddenly floors. Floors have becomes walls. Tall towers of giant rocks are suddenly hurtling towards the new ground.

The music is delightful, although some may find it distracting enough to leave the sound turned off. The collages of paper and cardboard used as the background and walls, ceilings, etc, are bright and colorful with different themes on different levels.

The game has several different modes and environments that will unlock as you conquer different levels within the game. There are animals featured in the game who are also reacting to the changing forces of gravity as the world spins, making things a bit harder for the character. Players can choose to try to beat the clock on each level or they can play a marathon game where they finish an entire environment.

The tilting itself is reminiscent of the game labyrinth from childhood. It came with little silver balls that one would navigate through the maze by tilting the table. The vertical version, however, the ball isn’t just lost through the hole in the maze, the main character falls apart in a comical explosion.

The game has been rated E for Everyone with a notation about some mild violence. However, the complete lack of reality relating to the character exploding or falling apart when he hits a wall the wrong way or is crushed by a rock, keeps the violence at a negligible level.

Not only is this a Linux game, but it is also available for PC and MAC as well. The newest version that is coming out soon is for the Wii.

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