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Linux Gaming Mad Skills Motocross

Linux Gaming Mad Skills Motocross

Compared to the graphics of today’s newer games, this one doesn’t even compare. But if you want to be taken back to the days of the NES and work on mastering a game that you would have enjoyed as a child, this one is for you. In fact, you can share it with your children as well. Tell them that this is what video games used to look like.

In all actuality, the graphics are slightly better than the old NES games, with more realistic colors and enough shading to give things a 3D look, but the concept is still the same. Make it around the track without a spectacular crash in a time that is faster than you have ever made it before.

Mad Skills Motocross is a dirt track motor biking competition with 52 increasingly difficult tracks. You work to keep your balance on the bike as you fly through mud holes and over hills, doing stunts that would likely have disastrous results in real life.

Mad Skills Motocross does have a free trial download available. Once you are hooked on the game though, you will have no problem laying out the $19.95 for the full version.

This version of the game is definitely child and family friendly. There is no violence or inappropriate humor. Everyone will also love the fact that once you have successfully completed a certain number of tracks, you can begin creating and racing on tracks that you design and build yourself.

Mad Skills Motocross creators are working on upgrades at the moment as well. They hope to be launching a multi-player version in the near future. This will allow head to head competition between players. It is unknown if players of the new version will be able to share the tracks that they have created themselves with friends.

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