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Linux Gives Old Hardware New Life

Linux Gives Old Hardware New Life

The majority of computer users have a need for only a few basic abilities. They want their computers to access the internet. They need office type programs. They need a place to store photos. And, they need to be able to watch and store home videos.

Any computer user that had a Windows based computer would groan at the thought of trying to do any of those things on computers that are five years old. They would laugh if it was suggested that they use a computer that was ten or twelve years old.

That is one of the amazing things about Linux. The programming has such a small footprint on the hard drive and takes very little RAM to run properly. Many people claim that running Linux on old computers actually creates a better running and faster machine than running the newer versions of Windows on machines that are a couple of years old.

One example comes from a popular Youtube video of someone who loaded Linux onto their old computer. The computer was a Pentium 3 800. It had only 128 MB RAM. The video shows the user watching a basketball game online, opening and closing windows with ease, and even changing workstations in a way that one would expect to see in a Windows commercial.

Because Linux comes with Open Office and a web browser, users have the ability to do anything they need right away, with out waiting to upload more programs. While storing videos and digital photos may not work well on an older computer, anyone can hook up an inexpensive external hard drive to store those types of things.

With all of these features, it is clear that Linux isn’t just for computer nerds to have a strong understanding of computer programming. Linux is for everyone. If you need to find a way to do it, Linux can help.

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