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Linux: Worth More Than What You Pay For It

Linux: Worth More Than What You Pay For It

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One of the first things that Windows users realize when they attempt to use a Linux computer is how fast the machine runs. It is hard to believe that a free product could be so much faster than the high dollar Microsoft products. If Microsoft has so many designers and programmers trying to make their systems better and better, than why is it such a disappointment when matched up to its free brother?

Some say that this is because Linux is constantly being improved, checked over, and polished up by thousands of contributors. The Linux contributors are not paid, but they do their very best to make sure that all people have access to the software.

Windows, on the other hand, is out to make money. There is nothing wrong with that per say, but when that need for money puts customer happiness below making a paycheck, Microsoft just doesn’t have it down.

Many companies have their whole set-up based on Windows products. They are unable to program in a way that is compatible with Linux without spending millions of dollars to make the changes. In addition to that, these companies do not want to take the risk that there will not be enough interest once the Linux versions are made. If that happens they could have lost all the money that was put into development.

Linux has quickly become standard for servers and business systems. It has been steadily overshadowing Unix, Solaris, and HPUnix office servers. Even businesses know what many Americans do not; your computer system will be cleaner, reliable, and faster if you run Linux. With a smaller footprint and easier programming, you can’t go wrong.

Continue to recommend Linux to friends. Continue to use it yourself. When the software companies see that Linux is growing in demand, they are more likely to re-release some of their most popular programs on Linux.

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