More Great Linux Compatible Open Source Software

Finding great Linux compatible open source software can be difficult. With a large number of novice programmers trying their hands at something new and posting it on the internet, including occasional viruses, it is best to use software that has been used, tested and reviewed by other Linux users. Below are a few of those programs. All are free, open source programs that are compatible with Linux.

The VLC Media Player is a simple, yet very useful media player program that supports nearly all audio, video, streaming, DVD, and VCD formats. In fact, the web site for this program lists 29 compatible audio formats and 26 video formats. It even has additional programming available to watch region locked DVDs.

Miro is another program that many have never heard of, but will love the second they give it a try. Miro is a video player as well as a podcast client. It comes with an already compiled library of podcasts and internet streams. At this time, there are more than 6000 channels. Miro describes themselves as a place that makes torrents easy, RSS beautiful, and offers gorgeous HD video.

For anyone who has a large collection of ebooks or enjoys reading ebooks checked out from their local libraries, Calibre is a management application that comes with many features. It will sort the user’s ebook collection by title, author, date, reader rating and more. It also allows tagging books to create the user’s own sorting methods. The software includes a place for writing notes while the user is reading. This is a great feature for students or someone who writes book reviews. It syncs with ebook readers including the Amzon Kindle and the Sony Reader. This software even downloads news from the web and converts it to ebook format.

If you don’t have this software for your Linux computers yet, go find it and download it now!

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