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Graphic adventure game

Linux Gaming Machinarium

For those Linux user who are easily addicted to point and click games, this is one that you will be amazed by. With graphics that look they are hand sketched by a an artist with wonderful knowledge and mastery of colored pencils. Then, to add to that, items in the background that look merely sketched in for the atmosphere begin to move. It doesn’t take long to figure out that everything is part of the game.

The adorable little robot that is the main character, makes his way through the game’s world, which looks a bit like the world that the hit movie Wall-E lived in. He and the other characters speak in terms of thought bubbles with pictures in them above their heads.

The game also includes hints for those who becomes stuck, as well as a book that can be opened (by completing a puzzle-type game) on each level for a walk through of what needs to be done to get to the next level. It is fun to just click around the page and see which things move and what things are part of the story that you had not considered before.

The creators do not have a down-loadable demo for this game. Rather, they have a full version available online using Flash. The download-able edition is available for only $5. Creators said that the game had been pirated so many times and to such a huge extent, that they wanted to offer it at this “amnesty” price so that those who already had the game could legalize it at nominal cost.

While the game is not easy, partly due to the fact that the user will spend much of the time just trying to figure out what exactly needs to be done, it is interesting. The game makes the players think, and is especially appealing to those who enjoy puzzle games.

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