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Top Business Apps for your Mobile Device

Photograph of a Blackberry 7250 CDMA Smart Dev...

Photograph of a Blackberry 7250 CDMA Smart Device, displaying the Home Screen. This particular handset is for use on the Verizon Wireless CDMA network in the USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are apps for everything, and running your business remotely is no different. New apps help business administrators do more while outside the office. One common theme in business apps, as it should be, is security. As we do more business online, more people find ways to steal our data or corrupt our online files. The best business apps provide ways to protect you, your employees and your clients while doing business online. It never hurts to get your IT professional’s opinion before installing business apps on your mobile devices.

#5 Handy Backup Small Server

This app allows you to back up mission critical applications remotely from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Back up Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Oracle, Domino, SQL, ODBC databases, files and folders from anywhere. You can choose to back up to a local drive, removable media, network device, remote FTP or SFTP location. Extra plugins available allow you to customize even more features of Handy Backup Small Server. It works with Windows-based systems.

#4 Bizodo

This app works with Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. Bizodo is an online form builder and project manager. It allows users to build online forms with a simple point-and-click method. This app offers a high level of online security, allowing users to choose to encrypt information and SSL. CAPTCHA helps prevent your online forms from being spammed.

#3 Abukai

This app simply and quickly creates expense reports with Mobile iOS, Android and Blackberry phones. It has won Editor’s Choice for taking a tedious task that everyone hates and making it as simple as clicking a photo with your smartphone. Literally. Abuki enables users to click a photo of an expense receipt, submit it and shazam! The expense report is done.


TITUS is another safety and security app for Windows users. It allows the user to oversee sensitive data and keep data created with Microsoft Office more secure. TITUS also aids with compliance issues. Create custom labels for your sensitive information and assign a security level to it. You can make the information public or private and designate which departments have access to the data. For non-techie administrators, TITUS makes remotely controlling this information simple and intuitive.

#1 Office 365

This app is much more than just a Web-based version of Office 2010. It gives users access to cloud-based versions of the four top Microsoft business products anytime from anywhere. From your mobile device, Office 365 gives you Office, in addition to Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync. For users unfamiliar with these Microsoft products, Exchange is Microsoft’s email platform, Sharepoint allows online document sharing and collaboration among employees working together on a project and Lync provides capabilities like instant messaging, video conferencing, PC phone calling and company-wide social networking.

These apps vary in price from free to very affordable for most small businesses. Check with your mobile service’s app store or with the website of the developer of the application for information on pricing and download availability.

Saving Time in Sending Fax Messages

FAX (Photo credit: Independent Curators International)

Whether you need fax services for your business, or just for personal use, the thought of using the fax machine is not always a pleasant one. Will the fax go through? Will the numbers work? Will the paper get jammed? Faxing seems to be that necessary evil, unpleasant but needed to run your business or your personal tasks more smoothly.

An email fax service can change your perspective of faxing. The technology of online fax services has definitely made the task a more pleasant experience. How you might ask?

Email Faxing Saves you Money

Faxing services through an office supply store that offers such can get quite costly. There is a fee charged for the first page, and then another fee charged for each subsequent page. Depending on how many pages you are faxing, the fee can run quite high, with most of which running higher than $1.00 per page.

Using an online fax service, everything is done right on your desktop computer. For a monthly fee that most likely will be less than the cost of faxing one document, you can fax to practically anywhere. With a click of your mouse, you send your document to the fax service, and they take care of it from there.

Email Faxing Saves you Time

Traditional faxing requires you to take time out of your day to drive to a place that has fax services. Once there, you then have to fill out the cover page and make sure your pages are all in order. A large document can take some time getting ready to be faxed, and then doing the task at hand.

With email fax services, all you have to do is send the document through the internet, and they take care of the rest. The services make sure that your document is sent in a professional and timely manner.

The Family Can Take Advantage of the Services

If you are paying a monthly fee for online fax servicing, your children can have the service attached to their laptops, making faxing school work more cost-effective for the family. Dad can be sending faxes for the business while junior will just fax his research paper to his professor.

Instead of always wondering if you can keep up with the technology, embrace it. Learn how to make your life easier. Some of the online faxing services even allow a trial to see if their services are just what you need. Give it a try. You will never know how much easier faxing can be if you don’t.

Best Music-Related Apps for iPhone

Image via Flickr

Using nothing but an iPhone, it’s possible to entertain friends with fresh music tracks you create yourself. That’s only one of the many activities you can complete with music-related iPhone apps that help you hone your love of music or even improve your own musical skills.


Want to mix up your own beats, create your own tunes, and impress all your friends? There are a lot of apps for that.

  • Aurora Sound Studio allows you to create your own electronic music. The app is a full digital studio offering: drum beats, synthesizers, even a mixer with full effects. Use the multi-touch grid to create brand-new electronic songs.
  • Use the Music Studio app to copy and paste audio, record sounds on the iPhone using the mic, insert new instrumentation and drum pads to tunes, and even add effects to your music. The menu has a MIDI export/import function as well.
  • Get the PocketGuitar app to create sounds from a classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic-electric guitar, muted guitar, bass guitar, and even a ukulele. You will literally have the option of playing your iPhone like a guitar — one of several, in fact.
  • Download Drum Kit Lite, a free iPhone app, to find out what it’s like to be a drummer. Made for both experienced and beginner drummers alike, Drum Kit Lite offers a full 6-piece digital drum kit with 4 times, a snare, a bass, hi-hat, crash, ride and splash. You’ll get visual feedback as you tap. Create your own beats or play along with existing music using the app.
  • The Ocarina app turns your iPhone into a flute. Use the touch screen to tap out the notes while blowing into your phone. It’s the next best thing to actually owning a flute, and way more affordable.
  • Get the Cleartune app to easily tune up any musical instrument. The chromatic tuner shows you a visual note wheel, and a fine-tuning meter, to help you find the correct pitch and tune for whatever instrument you’re working with at the time.

Using Music-Related Apps

Using music-related apps to create your own sounds may seem like a waste of time, but every famous musician started out small. Rapper J. Cole record hit songs in bedroom studios, according to his own lyrics. Both “Premeditated Murder” and “See It to Believe It” reference that he made music in the bedroom. Now, Cole is a Grammy-nominated recording artist. If J. Cole Recorded Hit Songs in Bedroom studios, why can’t you start out with cool music-related iPhone apps? Maybe one day, you’ll be the one getting the awards.

A Cheaper Gambling Alternative

Casino games are among the most popular pastimes for people seeking to break their monotonous life. However, not all people can afford lavish casino visits as it may cost them an arm and a leg. Before you can enter casinos, you’ll need to spend money for travel, hotel reservations, and other personal expenses.  With the progress of computer technology and the Internet, casino games are also catching up with online casino services.  Online casinos can provide you all the greatest games you could ever ask and some find it attractive because most online betting sites provide better odds than any land-based casinos.

Advantages of Online Casinos

Online casinos vary from traditional casinos in a number of ways, and there are certain advantages that a player can get just by browsing their computers. One of these advantages is the sign-up bonus. This is something that most online casinos give, since the world of online gambling is competitive and this is a good way to sway potential players. When you log on to certain casino sites and make your first deposit, the online casinos allow you to get a greater value for your money so that you can play a lot more games on your first visit.

There are also casino websites that give free trial games for players to experience various games. This can quickly narrow the player’s learning curve and somehow help them develop strategies on the actual game. The only time a player has to pay is if they want to play it with other players and bet real money on them.

Betting Terms

The good thing about online casinos is they usually have lower betting minimums compared to land-based casinos. This allows a player to make some extra cash by playing online blackjack or any other casino games even with very small funding. Keep in mind that this case is applicable if you play long enough and the odds kicked in to your favor. Unlike traditional casinos, it is easier for online casinos to keep track of exactly how many hands you’ve played and how much you’ve bet for each and every hand.


Online Casinos have other distinct advantages over land-based casinos. There are no dealers or cocktail waitresses to tip, and online dealers seldom make mistakes against your favor. You can also check how much money you have at all times, so you can control the amount of money you bet. The best part is that you won’t have to pay for hotel rooms, overpriced foods and drinks. And if you have a nice winning streak or if ever you get tired, it is much easier to take a break from playing.

What Linux Software Replaces Which Windows Software?

Tux, as originally drawn by Larry Ewing

Image via Wikipedia

Different operating systems use different programs to perform different functions. For example, Windows uses Internet Explorer, Netscape / Mozilla, and other programs to provide users with e-mail service.

If for some reason you or your company switches from Windows operating system to the Linux operating system, your first response may be to run through around screaming, “Where will I find my e-mail?” “Where will my file-sharing programs be?” “How will I find anything?”

Just calm down and take a deep breath, because this article is going to give you the Linux program names for Windows programs on some of the most widely-used ones. This way, when you first tentatively approach your computer after Linux has been implemented, you won’t feel like you’re navigating uncharted waters.

Both Windows and Linux software programs can have different names. Not all the names will be listed here, just some of the more common ones. Remember, too, that your company may have several Linux programs to choose from, and not all of them will appear in this article.

  • E-mail: If you currently use Outlook Express in Windows, your e-mail program may now be Kmail, Gnus, or Althea.
  • Address book: Windows uses the address book feature included in Outlook; in Linux, your address book may be in Rubrica, Flashget, Go!zilla, or another program.
  • Web browser: Internet Explorer, Netscape / Mozilla and others are used on Windows; coincidentally, Netscape / Mozilla is one of the Linux programs that can be used. Perhaps your company will choose to remain with a familiar one. If not, look for Galeon or Konqueror.


Working with Linux

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

You’re probably already aware that the Linux operating system (OS) is quite different from others, especially the Windows operating system. This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s harder to use. It just takes a little getting used to, and once you do, you’ll most likely be impressed at how the Linux OS works.

Take surfing the ‘Net, for example. If you currently use the Windows Operating System, you probably use Internet Explorer to get to whatever home page (Yahoo, MSN, etc.) you use. With Linux, you may use Netscape / Mozilla. Basically, this program works the same as Internet Explorer. Once you get to your homepage in Netscape / Mozilla, you simply type in your keyword or key phrase and get your Internet links.

Which program do you currently use for documents? If you have Windows, you may use Microsoft Office. In Linux, you can use Open Office, Star Office, or Office. These are very easy to use, just like Microsoft Office programs are, it’s really just a matter of learning where your icons, shortcuts, and other function keys are on the Linux program toolbars. Once you do, though, you’ll be cranking your work out just as fast (if not a little faster) than you were before.

The important thing to remember about Linux is that most of the software is compatible with the Windows OS. If you do happen to run across some software that only works on the Linux OS, don’t let that “scare” you. Again, Linux is fairly simple to navigate through and learn. And, if you do need help, there are websites such as thecliq.org, which deals primarily with Linux-related information that you can go to for information.


What are some of the Latest Linux Software Programs Available?

Linux prides itself on keeping up with the latest software programs. For this reason, new ones are being introduced at a very steady pace. Staying on top of the best programs will allow you the ability to use things that Linux creates especially for its loya users. If it’s been a while since you’ve checked on the latest Linux software, here are a few (here’s a brief description) of the most recent offerings.  Download whatever fits your needs and begin using immediately!

1. GNOME Color Chooser - Desktop Customizing Software

A software program that lets you decide how you want your desktop to look if you’re using a particular type of desktop program/the GNOME (/GTK+) desktop program.

2. Roes - A new real estate management program

If you’re in the real estate business, you might want to check this new Linux software out. Remember, the Linux operating system is extremely flexible, and most software programs are free, so it’s not a big hassle to implement new software programs.

3. Meeting Room Booking System - A new software program that makes booking meeting rooms easier

Nothing is more frustrating than planning on using a meeting room, then discovering it’s already been booked. This Linux software program lets you see at a glance which meetings are booked when and by whom.

4. Macs - New editing program

Perform editing functions in real time with this latest Linux program. Changes can be made faster, saving you time, which will enable you to meet deadlines easier.



Tips for Successful SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – Its the process search engines use to rank your website for relevance and popularity. Type any topic into Google or Yahoo and you are presented with thousands of links to websites recommended as being the closest match to your search.  The SEO process determines which ones get to the top of the search listings.  Whats important to remember is that these search engines don’t have preferences.  They wont pick your website because its the easiest to navigate or has a sleek design.  The internet “spiders” search for text and relevant keywords only.

Now you know what SEO is what are the best ways to increase traffic?

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase


  • Use the right keywords in your website.  Don’t overuse, for example if you are a plumber only type plumbing services a couple of times on the page.  You need to balance the right number of keywords with good content.  If your website is just a bunch of disjointed keywords repeated then customers are unlikely to call you.
  • Build links with partner sites or blogs on other sites.  The “spiders” pick up these links and if other companies link back to your site it will increase your ranking.
  • Register your site with the major search engines.  The major players such as Google and Yahoo have their own system for registering your website so that their “spiders” and “crawlers” can find you. Its also the best way to get exposure for your site and give your customers an opportunity to find you!

Keep your website fresh and update content every month to keep your customers coming back!


Know your Linux Commands

As you use Linux more and more you will find your way around an operating system that is growing in popularity with programmers due to its functionality and flexbility.

Getting to know a few popular commands will really help you to navigate the operating system with ease and will also grow your confidence and encourage you to develop further.

We have listed below a few Linux commands that you may not have come across before.   The script for these commands can be found on any number of Linux chat forums.

  1. There is a command for breaking up huge chunks of data into more manageable chunks which become much easier to manipulate
  2. ISOF is a great command which helps you open files and also find out which ports may be open.
  3. filename.bak is a great command if your working on something precious and need to do a quick back up
  4. YOu can also capture a video on a linx desktop using a simple command
  5. For something amusing there is the fortune commad which will display a quote or something amusing and insipirational
  6. THere are many funny Linux shell commands to be found on the internet for when you need some down time!

The key to learning is to have fun and really be engaged in a product.  The more you try these commands, learn the lingo and explore the parameters of of Linux the more

What is Linux?

With so many operating platforms out there today what is LINUX? And why is it so popular?  Lets start with what the most popular operating systems are currently on the market.  The are MAC OS, Windows and UNIX.  Windows being the clear market leader but MAC OS is hot on its pc heels.  These operating systems are basically the brains and nerve endings of your computer.  Ensuring your PC can run your applications and tasks including your peripherals such as your keyboard, printers, speakers and mouse.  The main difference between the big players is the use ability and look and feel.  Essentially they provide similar services.

Tux, as originally drawn by Larry Ewing

Image via Wikipedia


Linux is growing in popularity over recent years.  The Linux operating system was originally free and enhanced by programmers all over the world.  Thats why Linux is held close to many a programmers heart.  The programming community feels that they contributed to this operating platform and so will always hold a place in their hearts.

But what is so good about Linux?  Well its not your standard consumer product.  It’s difficult to get used to and not user friendly. But there are a wealth of tools available to someone who knows their way around a pc.  If you are a programmer looking for a new project or challenge then this would be the operating system for you.  Many old school programmers who have used UNIX also us Linux as their preferred system.

There is a huge online community of Linux users around the world so you can ask any Linux question you like or share tips and tricks in user forms.  Give Linux a try, it could be the perfect partnership!