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Linux Compatible Email Clients

Linux Compatible Email Clients

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According to some studies, the average American has three email addresses. In fact, it is hard to go anywhere these days without being asked for an email address. Those who use computers that have Linux installed, are often harder pressed than others to have a complete email client that meets their needs.

Since web-based email utilities such as Gmail or Hotmail are not appropriate for a business user who wishes to have a professional appearance online, many prefer to use a different type of email client instead.

One such email client is called Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird is not only an email client, but it includes a software package that gives the user access to newsgroup and RSS feeds. The software has several features, themes, and extensions to allow the user to tailor the programs to his or her own specific needs. Features include message grouping, labels, advanced filtering, security enhancements.

Spicebird, created by Synovel, is a free open source software. While it was originally a cross-platform program, it is no longer compatible with Mac OS X. This client provides integrated access to not only email and contacts, but also a shareable calendar and instant messaging.

Zimbra is another open source email client that works across many platforms. In fact, Zimbra seems to be compatible with just about everything, which makes it a great solution for synchronizing information from several different people to the ZCS server. Besides Linux software, Zimbra is compatible with Windows Microsoft Outlook, the open source Novell Evolution, and Apple Mail for Mac. It has features that include email, contact storage, VoIP, calendar sharing, and online document sharing and authoring. Zimbra is also amazing in that it will sync with many mobile devices. The Blackberry, the iPhone 2.0, and Windows Mobile, as well as a few others are compatible with Zimbra’s two-way syncing.

These email clients can make your email more than just an internet mailbox.

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