The Importance of Unique Content

One of the most important things you can do for you business when you are trying to establish your online brand is to use unique content. You can choose to write the content yourself or you can outsource to other people to do it for you. Either way, it’s vital that the work is not scraped off of someone else’s blog or website. Here are a few reasons why being unique is so important in the online world.

To start with, Google does not like duplicate content. If it finds several duplicate pieces of work it will either index just one of them and then let the rest slip into oblivion, or simply choose to not index any of the articles. Once your page is de-indexed you don’t stand a good chance at getting it back into the ranking game  this really sucks when you’ve poured a lot of money and research into your business idea.

Writing unique content gives you an edge on your competition. Your readers are following you because they are interested in what you have to say  not the person that is competing with you. If you start duplicating content you will begin to lose trust and interest from your followers which will in turn hurt your money making opportunities. Consumers don’t want to visit ten websites that all say the same thing  give them a reason to buy from you, and you alone.

The most important reason that places unique content far above duplication is the fact that copying the work that someone else has done is just wrong. They took the time to research and write it, you shouldn’t steal that from them. If you want to use someone’s idea consider quoting them and then linking back to their website on yours, or just using it for inspiration.

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